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High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer


High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

High Blood Pressure The Silent Killer


“I have this severe headache that will not go away for the last two days. I am concerned because I don’t headaches frequently and I don’t remember a time when a headache would last for days. Am also feeling rather fatigued and, for today, noticed I was struggled to focus on the road. It’s as if I can’t see clearly. I thought I had an infection so I picked up some antibiotics in the morning. But there’s no change.”

This explanation gives little to pinpoint with certainty what the problem could be. Yet, coming from a middle-aged, working woman with more than the average body build, I thought it necessary to check her blood pressure. As it turned out, it was well over the two hundred mark! This we call a hypertensive crisis. It is when high blood pressure reaches levels enough to cause some problems with normal organ functioning. Beyond this point, organ damage such as a stroke or heart attack is very likely.

Further questioning revealed that she had known she was hypertensive for years. she had been started on medication but was never too keen on taking them. She never went for regular check-ups and admitted that her lifestyle choices weren’t exactly the best.

She was, as she put it, only in her late forties, a busy person who also loved life and wasn’t ready to hang the boots yet. But it was also, she admitted, because high blood pressure didn’t hurt. She couldn’t deal with pain of any kind, like a headache. But if something didn’t cause pain, why not handle work and meetings and weekend barbecues before you get to it!

Why you handle it first is because high blood pressure is dangerous. It is called the silent killer for a reason. It slowly damages the blood vessels which supply every organ and tissue of the body so that after months and years of poor control, those organs begin to show signs of damage. By the time high blood pressure shows any symptoms, it must have been present for long without any control.

Don’t wait for the silent killer to damage your organs. Do not procrastinate your health checks because of the next deadline or the next meeting or the next contract. All these will not count when the damage is already done. Remember that prevention is better than cure. Knowing where you stand helps either prevent the onset of hypertension or control the pressure well enough to avoid the onset of complications.


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